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Aluminium alloys roundbars and squarebars Wholesallers and exporters.

Aluminium Roundbar are available in ready stock with following alloys like 1200,2011,2014,2024,6061,6082,6063,7075,7020,5052,5083,5086,5754 Etc.

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Bars can be created from the following alloy selections: 2011, 2014, 2017, 2024, 2219, 5086, 6061, 7075.aluminium roundbars manufacturers india,aluminium roundbars suppliers,aluminium rounbars exporters,aluminium roundbars wholesallers.aluminium roundbars 2014,aluminium rod2011,aluminium rod2024 manufacturers,aluminium 7075roundbars traders

Aluminium round bars (alloys)

EN AW-1350A (E Al99,5)
EN AW-2007 (Al Cu4 Pb Mg Mn)
EN AW-2011 (Al Cu6 Bi Pb)
EN AW-2017A (Al Cu4 Mg Si (A))
EN AW-2024 (Al Cu4 Mg1)
EN AW-5083 (Al Mg4,5 Mn0,7)
EN AW-5754 (Al Mg3)
EN AW-6012 (Al Mg Si Pb)
EN AW-6026 (Al Mg Si Bi)
EN AW-6060 (Al Mg Si)
EN AW-6061 (Al Mg1 Si Cu)
EN AW-6082 (Al Si1 Mg Mn)
EN AW-7020 (Al Zn4,5 Mg1)
EN AW-7022 (Al Zn5 Mg3 Cu)
EN AW-7075 (Al Zn5,5 Mg Cu)

Detailed Description   

  • Sizes: Rounds .125 to 8.00
  • Squares .125 to 6.00
  • Hexagons .250 to 3.00
  • Rectangles .125 x 1.88 to 6.00 x 8.00

* * Please note all Aluminum Alloy Products to the QQ-A-200/Series also meet the requirements of ASTM-B221 and ASTM-B241